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screenshot of apivision.com QTbar - Quick Toolbar (tool bar) for Windows

Quick Toolbar for Windows

screenshot of apivision.com QTbar - Quick Toolbar (tool bar) for Windows apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) is a small application bar that can be docked to any edge of your Windows Desktop.

QTbar is not just yet another tool bar for Windows desktop. It's been designed to help you manage your hard disk and internet resources as effectively and quickly as possible!

Start discovering QTbar's amazing never-thought-of features by clicking here (QTbar Overview) and download apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) for FREE by clicking here!

> I just installed your Quick Toolbar
> and had to say thanks for a terriffic
> application. I have looked at many
> similar apps and yours blows 'em away
> for functionality and ease of use.
> The price is right, too! ;-)
> Keep up the outstanding work,
> I'm gonna recommend this
> to everyone I know.
> - RG Sickels

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QTbar has been designed to speed up:
  • accessing local disks, folders, subfolders, applications and documents right from your desktop (just one click of the mouse)

  • accessing internet Web pages (features Autocomplete, Favorites, Your personal links)

  • sending emails to your friends (just one click of the mouse)

  • copying, moving, compressing and decompressing (ZIP) files and folders (just Drag-and-Drop on QTbar!)

  • accessing your most often used applications

  • ...and much more!!! (Click here for details)

  • NOTE: QTbar is compatibile with ALL versions of Windows:

What's more: QTbar is FREEWARE!

Awarded "6 ducks - the best!" by Nonags.com:
"Many, many features - got to try it!"
6 ducks - apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) for Windows awarded!

The biggest software library on the planet - TUCOWS has awarded QTbar with four cows!
4 cows - apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) for Windows awarded!

apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) has been awarded "5 satelites" by the Freeware World Team:
> We do not give awards to a lot
> of programs, but keep it for
> the best of them and here
> we have validated QTbar!
5 satelites - apivision.com QTbar (Quick Toolbar) for Windows awarded!
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Download QTbar now!

> I am definitely a QTBar addicted!
> I already used the first version, but it
> seemed to generate some problems with my
> Windows XP Professional. The new
> downloaded version is perfect on all my
> computers (one laptop with Windows Me,
> one in my office with Windows 98, the
> other at home with Windows XP)!
> I really congratulate you heartyly and
> thank you very much for this incredible
> gift. It were to expect that every PC user
> can use this wonderful little bar that
> give access to superb efficacity.
> Thank you very much again, and keep on
> doing such useful programs.
> - Jacques-Philippe Saint-Gérand

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